17 Kids & Counting

17 Kids & Counting

Book Title: 17 Kids & Counting

Publisher: Discovery - Gaiam

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17 Kids & Counting

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The Duggar family may well be the best-known large family in history. Famous the world around for having 17 children all from one intrepid mother, this brood draws attention and questions wherever they go. And with mom Michelle and father Jim Bob barely in their forties, there's a good chance the family will grow even larger before their baby birthing days are done!
With 10 boys and 7 girls ranging in ages from less than a year up to age 20, there's never a shortage of interesting events around this place. In fact, even the simplest things are complex when your family's this big - laundry, dinners, home schooling, any trip out in public... it all takes brilliant organization and every individual pitching in for the good of the whole.

The Bates family of Knoxville, Tennessee come to visit with their 16 children. Jim Bob said, "They're almost a carbon copy of our family!" Both families go paint balling, roller coaster riding, hit a Branson dinner show and then the oldest ones skydive. And that's not even the most exciting event of the year. Oldest son Josh is engaged! Soon this family will be planning a wedding. And who knows, maybe mom and her new daughter-in-law will share a room on the maternity ward someday.